Vacuuming In The Belly- a Simple Exercise That Will Make Your Waist Thinner And The Stomach Flatter

This is a simple yoga exercising technique that will thin your waist and make your abdominal muscles stronger in only 3-4 weeks.

For faster and better results, do it as often as you can, at least 5 times. In the beginning you may feel that you need a lot of effort to keep these muscles tense, but in time they will adjust.

Here are the instruction on how to tighten your stomach and thinner your waist:

  1. Starting position: Lay down on the back, with the arms next to the body. Bend the knees and keep the muscles relaxed the whole time. Slowly exhale.
  2. Suck in your stomach: stay like this for 10-15 second and don`t breathe while the stomach is sucked in. Then take a small breathe and repeat.
  3. Don`t rush to relax the muscles, breathe slowly: Again, suck in the stomach and hold this position, without breathing for 10-15 seconds. Then inhale, but don`t relax the muscles. If you can`t hold long, take a short breath.
  4. Release the air from the lungs and relax the muscles: you will feel some tension in the muscles, relax the abdomen, without inhaling, and then breathe normally.

Repeat this technique for 3 weeks, and be amazed of the results- the waist will be thinner and the abdominal muscles will be stronger than ever, making your whole body look better.

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